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About Us

Visual Connection Ltd, established in 2009, answers the needs of an ever growing entertainment market. The aim is to deliver an end product that is visually pleasing to the highest standard in a cost effective way. Having grown an already impressive international name whilst working on projects for clients such as Holland America Line, ITV, BAFTA, Cunard, BBC Wales, RWS Entertainment Group and Carnival Cruise Lines, Visual Connection is always looking to expand. We want to challenge the standards of today's market and raise the bar on visual entertainment.

Technical Concepts

Having invested in some of the latest equipment and software Visual Connection is able to offer many solutions to its clients from the concept of a design to a full maintenance support package. At our base in the North West of England, Visual Connection has a fully equipped design studio and equipment servicing facility.

Design Studio

The design studio offers computer pre-visualisation that can show a real time virtual view of a venue with Lighting, scenery, video and automation. This can be a valuable tool for pre-programming a show or just working out how a project will go together. With the latest video software we are able to offer full custom media from still image and short video clips for use with media servers to full length videos for presentation.

Entertainment LIGHTING

Entertainment lighting is an essential part of any show. They help define the performance, creating the energy and atmosphere.

Consultation, Preparation & Installation

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Visual Connection Ltd always welcomes the opportunity to bring its years of experience to any project. Over the years we have worked with many of the world's leading artists, directors and production companies taking exciting ideas from the planning stages all the way to their end form. Bringing both a design and technical knowledge, Visual Connection Ltd can be a true asset to any project.

  • Lighting Systems

  • Lighting Design

  • Video Systems

  • Networking

  • Media Design

  • Visual Concepts

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Preparation is the key for success in any project and this is one of the reasons Visual Connection Ltd has invested heavily in its design studio equipment to bring the ability of making a project come alive in a virtual set up, saving both time and cost in any situation. The Studio and its equipment mean the majority of both the lighting & video needs can be established, created and programmed before any equipment being installed.

  • Pre-Programming

  • Custom Media Creation

  • Lighting Desk Show Conversions

  • Design Studio

  • Visualization

  • Documentation

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Here at Visual Connection Ltd we beleve that the installation of any project always has to be carried out to the highest standard. We aim to only deliver the highest grade of work.

From programming, software updates or installing hardware we always do our utmost to make sure everything in our power is done to give the best service possible.

  • Lighting Design

  • Lighting Programming

  • Media Server Programming

  • Equipment Installation

  • System Upgrades

  • Software Updates

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Products & Sales


Visual Connection Ltd

Butler Works
Wyresdale Road
United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0) 845 862 0084

Email: info@visual-connection.com


Visual Connection Ltd believes in the regular service of equipment, the main reason for this is that deposits of dirt can build up inside a piece of equipment which reduce the efficiency and can cause problems due to heat build up or blocking of optic sensors. A regular service will include a thorough clean of any dirty parts or replacement of worn parts, this will bring the efficiency level back up to a point that will keep the unit running well. Regular servicing also greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown and prolongs the life of the equipment, but most of all it keeps the equipment doing the job it was designed to do and in the case of anything that is outputting light, brings the luminance back up to a near new quality.

Moving Lights cleaned and worn parts replaced - General Lighting equipment serviced - Lighting control desks serviced and tested - Video equipment serviced and tested - Projector lens cleaning service


Visual Connection Ltd can trouble shoot and repair most broken equipment as described on this page. This can either be done onsite or in our service department depending on the problem. We offer very competitive rates and will not be beaten on our customer service. Our full range of diagnostic equipment will quickly and effectively diagnose any problem that your item is experiencing and a full report on its condition will be given to you before any work is carried out. All repair work is carried out to the highest standard and is tested upon completion.

Moving Light and Lighting Desk Repair - General Lighting and Effect equipment repair - Video and Media equipment repair - Projectors and LED equipment repair - Data run repair (DMX and Ethernet)


Visual Connection Ltd can massively reduce your repair or replacement costs with our preventative maintenance plans. We offer a simple and cost effective service designed to reduce unnecessary damage to your equipment. Prevention is better than cure and that is why most problems and faults can be detected and rectified early before they have chance to become a more serious problem in the future.

Scheduled Maintenance Calls - Maintenance Plans - Maintenance Strategy Plan - Preventive Maintenance - Technical Support


Visual Connection Ltd offers many levels of training, from the very basic to the highly advanced. Training can be designed to meet the needs of the individual, creating a progress plan that brings the trainee to a level which they wish to achieve, in a time manner that suits them, to give them both the skills and knowledge that make them feel confident to carry out the new tasks that they aimed to accomplish from their training. Visual Connection Ltd can also produce custom made training DVD that are product specific to back up its training programme which give the trainee a starting point and also a reference after their training has completed.

  • Console Training (Patching to Programming)
  • Media Server Training - Setup and Programming
  • Moving Light Maintenance
  • System Fault Finding
  • DMX Principles and Trouble Shooting
  • Custom DVD training videos

TEL: +44 (0) 845 62 0084

Email: info@visual-connection.com